Quickscan / Hygiene Scan


Burggraaf & Partners is specialised in finding flaws...

...in equipment design that could lead to cross contamination of the end-product and may cause a recall in the end. Burggraaf & Partners is able to clasify the whole production process in a short time, to separate main and side issues and to write an approach for short and long term, so as to solve any existing contamination issue and/or prevent future contamination.

Examples are:

  • Salmonella in feed
  • Clostridia in gelatin
  • Listeria in cheese
  • Salmonella in chocolate products
  • Salmonella and Campylobacter in chicken slaughterlines

Reduction of total aerobal bacteria counts for:

  • blood- and bloodproducts
  • milk- and milkproducts
  • whey
  • battering several products

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