Don't spoil your market

Burggraaf & Partners provides valuable training and advice on hygienic design.


Specialised in Hygienic Design for Food, Feed, Pharma and Cosmetics

  • for equipment - audit design (second opinion)

  • for food and other industry - audit production process (Hygiene Scan)

For compliance with:

  • Machine Directive - food equipment

  • EHEDG guidelines

  • EN-1672:2

  • EN-ISO 14159

  • NSF/3-A ISO 14159

Also (in-house) courses about conveyors, aseptic filling machines, conveyor drives, valves and pumps, special powder filling machines, bag filling equipment, red and white meat processing equipment, hygienic welding and hygienic maintenance.

More than 4000 participants in seminars and one- or multi-day courses at home and abroad.

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About Burggraaf & Partners

Burggraaf & Partners is an independent consulting firm specializing in Hygienic Design for Food, Feed, and Pharma. 

Advising on microbiological problems or construction of plants for fresh milk, cream, long-life desserts, cheese, ice cream, milk powder, sugar and sugar derivatives, coffee, various starches, rice, fermentation processes, bread, pastry, vegetable processing (frozen, fresh), slaughterhouses, boning, meat products, gelatin, mayonnaise and dressings, ketchup and tomato products, mushrooms, fries and baby food.

More than 200 food companies.
More than 170 machine builders.

At multinationals such as Nestle, Danone, MeadJohnson, Heineken, Unilever and FrieslandCampina.
And well-known machine manufacturers like GEA, Alfa Laval, Intralox, Interrroll, Stork, Marel.

Member of EHEDG and EHEDG certified international trainer, certified NEN-trainer.

equipment suppliers

  • Design support according to hygiene guidelines

  • Assessment of (preliminary) design (second opinion)

  • Training of designers, engineers, sales, etc.

production companies

  • Assessment of the process (H-Scan) for solving or preventing contamination problems

  • Assessment of the process (H-Scan) for process optimization

  • Training of technicians, process engineers, QA personnel, etc.

We work According to

  • Machine directive - Foodstuffs machinery, machinery for cosmetics or pharmaceutical products

  • EHEDG guidelines

  • EN-1672:2

  • EN-ISO 14159

  • NSF/3-A ISO 14159

20+ years experience

  • Dairy (including ice cream, eggs)

  • Bakery (wet and dry pastry)

  • Meat(products)

  • Fish

  • Breweries

  • Fruit & Vegetables

  • Chocolate

  • Ready meals

  • Petfood

  • Feed