International Courses

Burggraaf & Partners organises open and in-company courses on Hygienic Design. See below for the open courses that are planned.

If you have any inquiries about one of these courses, or about an in-house course adapted to the company, please contact us.

We offer courses about:

  • Hygienic Design (2-3 days)
  • Hygienic Engineering - Dry Materials Handling (1 day)
  • Cleaning in Place (2 days)
  • Hygienic Engineering - Building (2 days)
  • Hygienic Steam (1 day)
  • Hygienic engineering - Transport systems (1 day)
  • Welding (for welding companies and welding assessors) (1 day)
  • Hygienic maintenance (for technical department) (4 hrs)
  • Hygienic installing (for installers) (4 hrs)
  • Hygienic producing (for operators) (4 hrs)
  • Workshop Hygienic Compressed air