Wouter Burggraaf

Ir. W.N.A. Burggraaf (Wouter)

M.Sc. Chemical Engineering

Mr. Burggraaf is authorized trainer of EHEDG and member of the sub-group Training & Education.

After graduating in Chemical Engineering at University of Twente (1983) Mr. Burggraaf has worked at Unilever Research & Engineering as project manager - unit operations Food & Drinks. He was very much involved in laying the basis of Hygienic Design and in building the first factories according to this concept, that later changed into the international standard (EHEDG).

After that he became plant manager at Hertog Ice cream and also there built a new factory, the first one in The Netherlands to have a quality and environmental control system before it became mandatory.

Later he worked as technical director and in the end as managing director of Harimex, a company processing slaughterhouse blood. He started a system for hygienic blood collection for slaughterhouses in Western Europe.

Together with the last two jobs, and since 2004 full-time, he works as (international) trainer of Hygienic Design and consultant for both equipment manufacturers and food companies. Burggraaf & Partners momentarily has three employees. The bureau performs QuickScans in existing production sites, when contaminations occur without obvious reasons. Burggraaf & Partners also audits design of new equipment and complete lines concerning hygienic design, microbiological safety and cleanability. Since 1993 he has trained more than 3,700 engineers from nearly all areas of food machinery and processing.


Ir. P.R. Visser

M.Sc. Chemical Engineering

After studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Twente (1988) I worked 5 year at ECN (Energy Research Center Netherlands) in a project about Ceramic gas burners.

After a period outside engineering in 2006 I became an editor at hyfoma.com and employee at Burggraaf & Partners, specializing in materials in contact with food.

Peter Visser

Ing. J.C. Kastelein

BSC. Microbiology

Ing. F.A. Majoor

BSC. Microbiology