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2-day course Hygienic engineering - Building

  • Aristo Utrecht Brennerbaan 150 3524 BN Utrecht (map)

A new course on the hygienic requirements regarding the building in which the production processes of Food, Feed or Pharma take place:

  • location requirements

  • building elements

  • environment and vermin

  • product flow and zoning

  • construction

  • air treatment

  • case studies

Place: Aristo, Utrecht
Date: 3 and 4 April 2019
Time: 09.00 – 17.00
Cost: € 1.290,- (excl. VAT)
Trainer: Wouter Burggraaf, member of EHEDG


  1. Specify and asses the design of building related aspects according to the relevant hygienic engineering guidelines

  2. Target group will become a substantive reflecting partner for clients in order to give professional advice about hygienic building design and setup.

Target group:

  • Construction engineer,

  • Building engineer and Architect,

  •  E&I engineer utilities

  • preferably with some experience in food and/or feed.

Summary of the course:

This course gives a reason for the necessity of hygienic design. It also gives engineering guidelines to ensure that buildings, building related aspects and also accessibility of equipment (when integrated within the plant layout) are designed in a way that aspects of the process operation, cleaning and maintenance comply with hygienic design standards. It details requirements related to plant enclosure, including hygienic zoning, building structures and elements (from floor to ceiling) as well as process line installation. It contents the main aspects of EHEDG Guideline no. (26 and) 44, including the latest developments regarding zoning, HVAC and cabling.


1. Law and legislation concerning hygienic design

  • History hygienic design in general and in building specifically

  • Food hygiene regulation (law)


  • Future developments

2. Risk analysis including zoning

  • Presence micro-organisms

  • Growth and invasion routes micro-organisms (Listeria-free)

  • High, medium, basic hygiene zone

  • Choice of actions; product flow - personnel

  • Wet or dry cleanable zones

3. Pests

  • Insects; rodents

  • Keeping out and pest control

4. Factory site

  • Fencing; traffic

  • Roof; rainwater drainage

  • Facade (cavity wall, sandwich panel)

5. Cleaning and disinfection

  • Dry and wet cleaning methods

  • High pressure cleaning – Cleaning in Place (CIP)

  • Cleaning chemicals and choice of material

6 - 11. Civil execution (part)

  • Floors

  • Sewage

  • Walls

  • Ceiling

  • Doors (PAL/MAL) and windows

  • Temporarily wall

  • Stairs & mezzanines

12. Utilities

  • Pressurised air

  • HVAC

  • Cooling and freezing storage

  • Cabling - new approach

13.  Machine-building integration

  • Food area, Splash area, Non-food area

  • Open process / technical area – new approach (video: factory of the future)

14. Case studies

  • A ready meal factory is shown on iPads as base for risk analysis and the need for zoning.

  • During the whole course a baby food plant (dry powder handling, recipe formulation, wet processing, spray drying and bag filling) is worked out step-by-step for proper zoning and HVAC; in the last lecture (no. 13) the actual realisation is shown in a video.

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